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#MOTD – Rose Gold Eye

So idk where you live, but here in Boston the weather is just plain narsty – cold drizzle everywhere. So today I did what I always do when I wake up feeling like a sack of shit: I tried out a new makeup look! As a long time owner of both blue eyes and hooded eyelids, I’ve gradually learned some tricks to highlight my eye color and blend my eyeshadow so that you can actually see it, and it doesn’t get sucked into the black hole of my eyelid crease. Today I decided to go with something fresh and springy – rose gold. The raspberry color pops the blue in my eyes, and who doesn’t love a little sparkle? I’m gonna do a little mini-tutorial here, since I didn’t photograph it step by step, but just so that you get the gist. Here are the tools I used. So I ended up using: Urban Decay’s Electric Palette Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette NYX liquid eyeliner in black NYX Mascara Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow in Recharged Milani Liquid Lipstick in Chromatic Addict Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art in Desert Dazzle (just the glitter) Foundation of your choice (I usually use Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua, but I’m out NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Exotic MAC Paint Pot in Painterly Ok, so first I used the Paint Pot on my lids as primer and to even out the skin tone. If you prefer using primer for this, it shouldn’t make a difference. After priming, I started in with the lightest color towards the inside of my eye – in this case Champagne Truffle from the chocolate box. After sweeping that over my lid, I went in with my transition shade, Marzipan, and blended that thoroughly through the crease. I’m extremely fair skinned, so feel free to modify this with corresponding shades for darker skin tones. Then came the time to add the raspberry pop – I used the Jilted shade from the Electric Palette, fast becoming one of my favorite shades to jazz up subtle looks! This I blended through the crease, and in a wing shape from the outer corner of my eye. If I could only give one eyeshadow tip to anyone it would be blend blend blend!! You want the eyeshadow to fade naturally into your skin, not be left in a harsh line. Blend! And in this case, blend slightly upwards, to life the corner of your eye. At this point it was time to go in with the liquids to amp up the shimmer. I used the Milani gold shadow to really pop my lid, and then the gold sparkle from the Revlon duo, all over the lid, because…gold sparkle. You could leave it there, with mascara, for a softer look, but I’m nothing without my winged eyeliner, so I tightlined my eyes with the NYX liquid liner, and added a tiny flick of a wing. Pro tip: NYX Liquid Eyeliner is the only liquid eyeliner you would ever need. Don’t bother wasting $28 on some ridiculous Kat Von D or Stila at Sephora. NYX Eyeliner is under $10, and it’s perfection. Ok, we’re basically done! Just add mascara (and do your brows and add whatever skin regime you use – I’ve been using that UD Moondust Liquid eyeshadow as a rainbow highlighter for awhile and I love it!) Here are the results! If anyone likes this look and wants to try it, please please please send me a pic, and I’ll post it on here and be happy forever!!