Dang, Advertising

Come Advertise your brand and sponsor Dang, Girl!

I may be brand-new to the plus size fashion blogosphere, but plus size fashion is undergoing a renaissance right now, and you’d have the opportunity to make an impression on a specific set of consumers who are clamoring for relevant products and content, having been ignored as a demographic for…well, for most of history.

So why not take a chance on a smaller, newer blog, and get in at the ground floor of one of the biggest periods of growth in terms of acceptance and diversity in fashion history – I may be unknown now, but I have ways of gaining major visibility and cache. Twirls mustache. 

What I can offer your brand:

I may be new to blogging, but what I’m not new at is advertising, copywriting, humorous nonfiction writing, art direction, design, social media strategy, and trying desperately to look stylish as a plus sized girl before the rush to conquer the market – I’m good at connecting with my target audience because I am my target audience. Add in the behind-the-scenes knowledge and expertise of a decade working at the major agencies in Boston, the social media experience, and the fact that I don’t write like a Borg in yoga pants, and it boils down to a unique set of skills to help me both give your brand the exposure you need, tailor-made, and also grow my audience so that your advertising reaches more and more consumers.

That’s a pretty good deal, considering I’m offering one month free for my standard package!

I have two sponsorship tiers

Standard: Sidebar ad and either a spotlight post or a product/service review.

First month free!

Royale with Cheese: Sidebar ad and 3 social media posts, designed by me, spotlight or product review post, and a guest post highlighting your brand, with your guest of choice. (You can see my design work at jeepsterdesign.com)

$20 monthly

Specialty services, not listed here, can be discussed with me via email.

Let’s chat about opportunities, shall we?