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ELOQUII and the perfect LBD:

Let’s talk for a sec about something that doesn’t get talked enough in the fashion blog community, and in the plus fashion community in general – the inherent classist aspect to plus fashion blogging (less so with straight-sized fashion due to the availability of dirt-cheap straight sized clothing and even cheaper thrift opportunities). But you can’t run a fashion blog if you can’t afford to buy…fashion. Which is the problem I’ve been struggling with lately, despite being lucky that I’ve had money in the past to buy enough clothing so I can mostly pull it off despite not having received a paycheck since July, and before May not having received a paycheck since 2015. I’m just now acknowledging to myself that I’m disabled and starting the application process, but the truth is, I’ve been disabled for two years. I have a neurological disorder and C-PTSD, and no matter how much I love my work and try try try to convince myself I’m still capable of holding down a full time job – especially in an agency environment, where “full time” often means 70 hours a week – I just can’t. Not with narcolepsy symptoms causing me to fall asleep at my desk, or worse, on my commute to work, and not after 10 days getting a sum total of 2 hours sleep.

All this is a lead in to the fact that I’ve drooled over ELOQUII clothing for years, but have never been able to afford anything until this past week, and I want to be honest about that, because I’m sure I’m not alone in this struggle. But ELOQUII was having some insane sale from like 2AM until 9AM on a day where I was dealing with another stretch of chronic insomnia…and it would have been criminal not to buy the dresses on sale from $175+ to $29 dollars, especially since that’s the only way in which insomnia has ever made my life better.

So I went for it. And of course, being a person who has only a glancing relationship with the real world, instead of buying everyday wearable clothing, I bought two fancy party dresses, and a metallic gold skirt. You get to a point in life where you have to just be like “fuck it”, and find your joy where you can.

And let me tell you, this vintage-flavored LBD is a JOY.

And TBH although it seems fancy at first glance, it’s minimalist enough to be wearable if you dress it down with a day jacket or a cardigan!

I don’t know why I can’t pose like a human being. It’s a good thing I’m such a fox.